Plaid Fabrics For Sale

We have more than 500 patterns of Plaid Fabrics For Sale as per buyer requirement.

Plaid Fabrics for sale are made from poly and viscose material.And we have various size and color in stock at most competitive prices.

Working With Plaid Fabrics

Plaid Fabrics for sale are a pattern made with colored threads woven as warp and weft, creating horizontal and vertical bands that repeat the blocks of color. While traditional plaid fabrics are seen in Scottish dress, plaid has migrated to almost every fiber and colorway from crisp silk to cozy cotton flannel. It can be seen in garments as different as a  skirt or the classic gentlemen’s blazer jacket.

Plaid Fabrics For Sale
Plaid Fabrics For Sale- #RF-20129

Product Details:-

Material- cotton
Width 58″
Delivery Time-approx. 10 days
Stock quantity –please write us
World wide shipping

We deliver the product approx.3 days with standard export packaging. And we have shown only some design as follows-