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Madras Plaid in U.S

Madras Plaid is so popular in U.S  as the pattern for shirts, jackets or pants because is associated with a certain types of lungi ( sarong ) worn predominantly by the labor class in India. Apart from that, it is generally only used in sleep wear.

Unique Characteristics of Madras

Madras fabric has certain unique characteristics. They are first and foremost all hand woven cottons with the same pattern on both sides of the cloth. This is one of the easiest ways to authenticate true Madras. If it does not have the same pattern on both sides it is not authentic Madras. Madras fabrics usually shrink in size by as much as ten percent when washed and thus it needs to be washed before it is converted into any garment. This is already taken care of in ready to wear garments by the manufactures themselves.

Plaid Fabric For Sale
Plaid Fabric For Sale-#RF-20444

Product Details:-

Material- cotton
Width 58″
Delivery Time-approx. 10 days
Stock quantity –please write us
World wide shipping

We deliver the product approx.3 days with standard export packaging. And we have shown only some design as follows-