Madras Print Fabric

Madras Print Fabric is a fabric which is most comfortable and popular cloth and almost using in the world.

The original Madras fabric was plain cotton muslin, overprinted or embroidered in elaborate patterns using natural (vegetable) dyes.

The weave is simple and loose and rice gruel is used as an adhesive. The predominant colors are shades of blue, black and red checks or as per buyer requirement . Madras Print Fabric is a lightweight breathable fabric suited to a humid tropical climate. An important ingredient in the process was the quality of water used in dyeing , as water from different regions would affect the colors differently. Another distinguishing feature is that it has the same pattern on both sides.  

Madras Print Fabric
Madras Print Fabric-#MPF-18238

Product Details:-

Material- cotton
Width 58″
Delivery Time-approx. 10 days
Stock quantity –please write us
World wide shipping

We deliver the product approx.3 days with standard export packaging. And we have shown only some design as follows-