Madras Material Fabric

We are offering the best range of Madras Material Fabric as per buyer design.

Madras Material fabric is originally from India, and is a fabric made by weaving together, yarns of different colors, to form a fabric.

Madras Fabric is not always colorfast, which actually some people enjoyed, since the look of the fabric changed each time it is washed. This enjoyment might be slightly less for people who washed it with white shirts or other light colored clothing. You could easily end up with pink or grey underwear or socks if you are not careful.

Madras Plaid Fabric
Madras Plaid Fabric-#MPF-18120

Product Details:-

Material- cotton
Width 58″
Delivery Time-approx. 10 days
Stock quantity –please write us
World wide shipping

We deliver the product approx.3 days with standard export packaging. And we have shown only some design as follows-