Madras Fabric For Sale

We are manufacturing a wide range of Madras Fabric For Sale as per buyer requirement.

We have various size , color , and design in stock or as per buyer requirement at most competitive prices.

Madras plaid fabric is originally from India, and is a fabric made by weaving together, yarns of different colors, to form a fabric that has a myriad of inter-crossing lines of different colors, that form beautiful plaid patterns.

Madras fabrics can be made on Traditional Hand looms or on modern power looms. Both have their own unique characteristics.

Even today, madras fabric mostly comes from the Indian city of Madras, Tamil Nadu, where weavers weave the magic called Madras.

Madras fabric  is one of the world’s widest range of madras plaid fabrics, and these are used by several of our respected buyers offering preppy clothing, fabric and also for mens clothing etc.

Madras Fabric For Sale
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Product Details:-

Material- cotton
Width 58″
Delivery Time-approx. 10 days
Stock quantity –please write us
World wide shipping

We deliver the product approx.3 days with standard export packaging. And we have shown only some design as follows-