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Madras Check Plaid fabrics is a lightweight cotton fabric with plain weaving and plaid outline, used mainly for summer attire, for example, pants, shorts, dresses, and coats.

The fabric takes its name from the previous name of the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. This fabric likewise is also recognized by the informal name, “Madrasi checks.”

Madras Plaid today is available in  cotton fabrics, seersucker and as patchwork madras plaid.

Seen flawlessly tucked into finely draped khaki trousers while shooting over the grounds green, the plaid cotton madras shirt were appreciated across the whole America ubiquity in the 1960s as a popular  attire for a post-WWII era of preppy people born after WW2.

During the decade of 1930s cotton madras check attire began to emerge as a status symbol: first popular among American sightseers and visitors who could afford expensive Caribbean excursions amid the Great Depression of 1930s, the madras shirt was a luxury and overt sign of affluence worn on the backs of returning Ivy Leaguers.

Today it remains a closet staple for the resort-and nation club-bound, as much as it is viewed as unmistakably laborer class in its local India. Traversing around 5000 years, the narrative of the summery cotton madras shirt is the area of  traditional people, artisans, and sovereignty alike.

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